Dim sum
Yum Cha, which means "to drink tea", is also a Cantonese way of dining originating from Quanzhou. While it started off only being very popular both in Hong Kong and in Guangdong. It has since extended into other provinces of China as well as various countries around the world and now become one of the most representative forms of Cantonese cuisines. The original term used in Hong Kong "Yum Cha "is now consider " going to the restaurant" or "go for Dim Sum" synonymous to grab a bite and take a cup of tea and has become part of our daily terminologies.

How to order:
Servers wheel their trolleys through the bustling restaurant and are happy to allow customers to lift up the lids of the bamboo baskets to identify the contents. The baskets or plates (containing two, three or four pieces) are inexpensive, enabling visitors to enjoy a diverse and speedy meal. Dim Sum is a Cantonese specialty of the Ruby Rouge restaurant and our cooks are highly-regarded specialists.

Steamed Dumplings
Shrimp Dumplings, siu mai, pork ribs, chicken feet, Cheung fun, Chiu-Chao style dumplings, etc.
Pan frit style
White carrot cake, taro cake, water chestnut cake, etc.
Bread style
BBQ pork bread, red bean paste bread, milk yolk bread, siu long bao, etc.
Frit style
Imperial spring roll, fried calamari, deep fried tofu, deep fried shrimp
Congee, mix beef organs, Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce, BBQ pork pie, fried noodles, etc
Egg tarts, Malay style sponge cake, mango pudding, sweet tofu with ginger syrup, etc.

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